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Kirin Solutions specializes in providing go-to-market and strategy consulting to companies in the Telecom Analytics Business.

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Market Planning
You know that you've got a great product or concept for Service Providers but you'll need to understand what opportunities exist, which type of service provider in which country will buy your service or product. How large is the market and who are the competitors? Which adjacent markets could you tap into? At Kirin Solutions we can help you build out this plan, based on 20+ years of industry experience in working with Service Providers across the US, Asia and Europe with network equipment, software and analytics products.
Fitting in to the Eco-system
It's unlikely your product is completely independent - it has to work with other analytics systems and products in the market - it forms part of a larger eco-system. Mapping where your product fits and understanding the interworking with partners or 3rd party systems you'll need to build is critical. With technology and industry expertise in wireless infrastructure, IP networking, big data, analytics, handsets, testing equipment, management systems and the companies that build them, Kirin Solutions can help you form a bigger picture of where your products fit, the relationships you’ll need to build and the interworking requirements you’ll need to develop.
Building the Value Proposition
Why will customers buy your product? How does it help drive ARPU, save money or retain subscribers? If so, can you prove it? At Kirin Solutions we understand what drives Service Providers to buy products, what they look for in a solution and how to tie the value of individual features in your products to specific benefits that will help drive sales. From building a comprehensive value proposition deck, defining customer journeys to creating RoI calculators Kirin can help your customers join the dots from the product you’ve developed to the benefits they will realize.
Defining the Future
In most start-ups, the future – the next bet - is often dictated by the roadmap or plan-of-intent. Too often though, the roadmap is simply a reflection of the last few customer meetings and ends-up divergent from the vision as understood by the Board. Worse, this becomes messy when too many competing priorities then fight over resources and output slows or quality suffers. At Kirin Solutions, we help build product roadmaps that reflect strategic intent and balance customer input against direction. By using basic methods such as balanced score cards, simple feature/benefit sheets and customer alignment, we can help drive engineering and align sales against common goals and objectives.
All In The Data
We keep tabs on the Telecom Analytics business through our website,, providing a rich source of information on eco-system players, news and analysis.